Volunteer Application

    Team Set Up deals with the set-up and breakdown of electrical, tables, chairs, and Maker exhibits. The task requires an ability to work well in crowds, be focused, take direction well, and remain calm and friendly under pressure. You must be able to lift at least 50 lbs for this particular job as it involves such tasks as moving tables, carrying stacks of chairs, etc… Your main duties will be helping our staff SET-UP and CLEAN-UP before, during, and after our event.
    There will be an Basecamp tent, as well as info and merchandise tents at the Faire. These will be the information hubs of the event. Excellent communication skills are required, as well as great patience and a high comfort level interacting with people. You will have knowledge about the makers, presenters, events, each of the venues, general information about the Faire and always have access to a program, schedule, maps and frequently asked questions. This is also where we will be selling tshirts for the event so you need to feel comfortable with handling money.
    During the Faire, we will maintain a team of runners on-site who are available to run errands for the staff, fill in for Makers on breaks, and be available to help out with unexpected Maker or Event issues. This team will be roving the Faire looking for opportunities to help, while remaining in contact with the Basecamp for additional direction.
    As the name implies,Team MacGyver needs to be ready for anything at any time! Team MacGyver requires volunteers with specific skills to be available to avert disaster and keep the Faire running smoothly.*Please identify your area(s) of expertise if you are interested in being a part of Team MacGyver. Gum and duct tape required. (Seriously- if you have small tools or a random pile of zip ties, bring ’em!)
    This position is crucial to the success of the Faire and our future fundraising efforts! We would love to document each maker booth, speaker, presentation and workshop. We also need to fill the social media streams with how great Jackson Hole Mini-Maker Faire is! The best person for this role is connected to social networks and knows how to push tweets and posts from his/her phone. It would also be great to have some professional level photos taken of our highlighted events and special guests.