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Coming soon will be the makers we expect to be exhibiting at the 2017 Jackson Hole Mini Maker Faire.This list will grow as additional Makers are added in the coming days/weeks.

Skill Summary Organization
DIY everything Understand off-the-grid DIY living David Schuler
Fly tying Learn to tie flies Teton Fly Tying
Sculpture Build with clay Jenny Dowd Sculpture
Silversmithing Learn to silversmith Jenny Karns Silversmithing
Soldering Learn to solder Journeys School Design Program
Welding Learn to weld Art Association – Welding
Building Build with wood, cardboard, and legos Habitat for Humanity
chalk drawing Draw with outdoor chalk Chalk Art
translation Learn another language Journeys School World Langauges Department
creativity Vote on student innovators Silicon Couloir
3-D drawing Sphero Robots University of Wyoming/WYOMakers
food production Eat homemade tamales Juan’s Tamales
food production Consume local popcorn Jackson Hole POP! Fine Artisan Popcorn
robot operations Program a Lego robot Jackson Hole Middle School Robotics Team
robot operations Drive a FTC robot Journeys School High School Robotics Team
Understanding radar Watch ground penetrating radar with a walking robot Square One Robotics
3-D printing Learn about a local digital eyewear startup Hind-Sight Industries
Biomimicry Understand biomimicry TSS Field Education/Wildlife Expeditions
digital display Experience digital and electronic theatre displays GAIN
Electronics Create book birdhouses, bristle bots, 3-D printed objects (and much more!) Library of the Tetons
Electronics Dissect electronics Journeys Middle School
Makey Makey Build with Makey Make circuits Library of the Tetons
Robot operation Lift barrels with a robot Jackson Hole High School
Meet the makers Meet the maker through a treasure hunt Journeys Elementary School
Natural history Mapping your place TSS Graduate Program/Teacher Learning Center
Databases Find medical knowledge Stat!Ref
Engineering  Van de Graaf generator, Human Power Generator, Ozobots, Geiger counter, straw rockets.  Idaho National Laboratory

SOME GUIDELINES FOR EXHIBITS:Fill out and submit this form between now and May 15, 2017, if you would like to exhibit with us at the 2017 Jackson Hole Mini Maker Faire. Space is limited so we’ll be accepting exhibits on a first-come first-serve basis, based upon the merits of the exhibit.BEST:Exhibiting (like attendance) is 100% free.Maker Faire is all about showcasing YOUR projects, inventions, skills, ideas and art. If you would like to share your project or your talents with the community then consider exhibiting with us at the 2017 Jackson Hole Mini Maker Faire.

  • Interactive! An exhibit where the public can safely get their hands dirty and make something or learn something. (examples: Learn to Solder, Ham Radio, Squishy Circuits Demo, Recycled Crochet and Plarning)
  • Playful! An interactive exhibit where kids (of all ages) can free their mind and simply play. (examples: Thinker Linkers, Lego Bricks, Robotic Gladiators, Build a Cardboard City)


  • An in-person demonstration of a project, skill, art, craft, or talent.  Something that will inspire folks to go home and get involved in that subject or learn more. (examples: Tesla Coil, Wood Turning, Arduino Programming, Underground Railroad Quilting)
  • Performances, Exhibits, or Kinetic Art that include “how and why I made this” (examples: Steam Punk Art, Interesting Musical Instruments, Giant Robot Suits)
  • A showcase of your invention, project, new-product, or maker-related business.  (examples: ShopBot Tools, Kickstarter Projects, Science Kits)


  • Static Displays {in a limited number of spots around the overall exhibit} and only if the creator is willing to be available to answer questions and explain how-why the made what they made. (examples: Sculpture, Student Projects, Science Projects)


  • Unsafe Exhibits will not be allowed (a safety plan must be submitted for any exhibit that may be potentially harmful)
  • Maker Faire is about showcasing your ideas and your art, it is not a trade show or commercial venue.  The goal is to inspire (not to sell), though if visitors are inspired to seek out your products or services later that is a great thing for your small maker business!
  • Arrive late or leave early. The exhibit should be set up and running for the public at 12:00 pm and you should not tear down your exhibit prior to 4:00 pm. (if you need special accommodations due to distance or other factors please let us know)

Still With Us? Then fill out the form ! (you’ll be contacted by e-mail and by phone as soon as possible if you are accepted)