The list of makers continues to grow.  See the updated list below.

Want to be a maker this year? Then fill out the form ! (you’ll be contacted by e-mail and by phone as soon as possible if you are accepted)

The Science Zone (Casper) Tinkering Zone with Electrical Engineering
Journeys School Electronic Dissection
Jackson Hole Middle School/Journeys School Lego Robotics
Jackson Hole Children’s Museum/

Teton County Waste Management and Recycling

Wood, Lego, Cardboard Building
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival/Jackson Hole Children’s Museum Kinetic Sculptures
Valley of the Tetons Library Leap, 3-D Printing, Marble Run, Arduinos, Book Birdhouses, and Bristlebots (and much more!)
Journeys School Soldering
Jackson Hole High School Fab Lab Mobile Design Studio Project
Nikita M Marshmallow Projectiles
Jenny Karns Silversmithing
Jenny Dowd Pottery
Hot Springs High School TBD
WyoMakers – University of Wyoming TBD
SPARK Jackson Hole Coding and electronic design
Sam Dowd Metalworking